The All In One Testing Solution

ExamStudio is an enterprise level testing platform. The ExamStudio platform allows you to manage item banking, test development, test delivery, advanced items, results and statistical analysis all in one platform. 

Item Banking

  • Item authoring & banking
  • Track changes and content commenting
  • Powerful filtering & item list management 
  • Advanced item support
  • Custom workflow design
  • Incorporate images, audio, video & text
  • Management of multimedia content
  • Multi language support 

Test Development

  • Create and publish test forms
  • Feature rich test options
  • Review tests online
  • Score or import result data
  • Generate or import statistics

Advanced Item Type Support

Leaders in advanced item technology:

  • Hotspot
  • Drag and Place
  • Create interactive cases
  • Custom 2D/3D items & simulations
  • True performance-based tests
  • HTML5 advanced items


The Solution

  • Fully web-based test production & delivery system
  • Secure, robust, scalable & fast
  • Advanced performance items
  • Customizable

exam computer 2

Multi-Platform Advanced
Web Delivery

Deliver tests over the web with advanced items on Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone & Android devices

  • Support for advanced item types (HTML5)
  • Built in candidate registration
  • Grading and scoring system
  • Web services integration
  • Multilingual

ExamStudio Mobile Test Center available!

Proctored High Stakes
Web Delivery

  • Proctor your own tests with our onsite proctor console
  • ExamStudio Web Based Test Delivery is available at large third party test networks. Deliver your advanced content into a large test network. Get candidates’ scores as soon as they complete the test in real-time
  • Remote proctoring - support for third party remote proctoring systems

Low Stakes Practice
And Demo Test

  • Deliver low stakes tests over the web
  • Self Assessment, Practice Exams, Tutorials, Demo tests
  • Generate additional revenue
  • Create low stakes tests
  • ShopFront in 5 minutes with ExamStudio and place the link on your website

Deliver tests anywhere, anytime over the web!

Advanced Item Type
Web Delivery

The ExamStudio Web Delivery system supports all standard item types, plus:
  • Red Panda X HTML5 item types
  • Glass3D item types
From simple hotspot to advanced interactive items, ExamStudio can deliver your advanced interactive content on multiple platforms.