All-in-One Solution for HR Assessment


Zoomorphix Systems’ ExamStudio item banking platform provides you with the tools to create, deliver, and analyze highly customized human resources assessments in one place:

  • Pre-employment screening/assessment
  • Personality assessment
  • Skills testing (e.g. job placement)
  • Training evaluation
  • Competency-based evaluation
  • 360-degree assessments
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Managerial or team fit assessments

ExamStudio takes you beyond standard multiple choice assessment options, offering you the ability to create engaging and psychometrically valid measures of knowledge, skills, and critical traits:

  • Advanced items/question types (e.g. Hotspot, Drag-and-Place, Interactive Cases)
  • Incorporate a range of multimedia (video/imaging/attachments/audio)
  • Create real-time, interactive 2D or 3D job simulations or work samples