All-in-One Solution for Educational Testing

Educational Testing

Zoomorphix Systems’ ExamStudio item banking platform provides you with the tools to create, deliver, and analyze tests for the education sector in one place:

  • Customize workflow and user role settings
  • Web-based platform allows for multiple users to work directly on assessment content
  • Incorporate a wide range of multimedia aspects into item content
  • Create a variety of advanced item types
  • Translate examinations (multilingual)
  • Create, review, and publish test forms
  • Manage results data
  • Generate or import statistics

ExamStudio supports both high-and low-stakes credentialing assessments:

  • Proctor console for internal/onsite or remote proctoring
  • Publish to large third-party testing centers with real-time results feed
  • Publish to third-party remote proctoring systems
  • Web delivery for low-stakes assessments (e.g. practice examinations, demos, tutorials) with easy ShopFront