All-in-One Solution for Licensure/Certification Testing

Licensure/Certification testing
Zoomorphix Systems’ ExamStudio item banking platform provides you with the tools to create, deliver, and analyze credentialing assessments in one place:

  • Customize workflow and user role settings
  • Web-based platform allows for multiple users to work directly on assessment content
  • Incorporate a wide range of multimedia aspects into item content
  • Create a variety of advanced item types
  • Translate examinations (multilingual)
  • Create, review, and publish test forms
  • Manage results data
  • Generate or import statistics

ExamStudio supports both high-and low-stakes credentialing assessments:

  • Proctor console for internal/onsite or remote proctoring
  • Publish to large third-party testing centers with real-time results feed
  • Publish to third-party remote proctoring systems
  • Web delivery for low-stakes assessments (e.g. practice examinations, demos, tutorials) with easy ShopFront