Customization of ExamStudio Platform

Zoomorphix Systems provides customization support services for the ExamStudio platform to permit functionality to be added or extended to your needs. Enquire for details.

We have extensive experience in computer software development and address the complete development lifecyle.

  • Customer requirements
  • Development
  • Testing and quality control
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance and technical support

From initial understanding of customer requirements through to the development, testing and deployment, we work closely with you to ensure the product meets your needs in an ever changing world.


Advanced Item Development Services

We have been building simulations since 1998. We understand the process and have developed methods to help you bring new item types to life. Our testing development services provide you with the ability to action and implement new advanced item types into your exams/ assessments. 

Exam Publishing Quality Assurance

The reliability of a test is critical to a successful program. We provide quality assurance and publishing services. Our team reviews your tests and looks for issues such as spelling, grammar, scoring and functionality. A detailed quality assurance report is provided detailing your exam/ assessment. 

Advanced Item Types


Red Panda X

Red Panda X provides the ability to create and deliver advanced item types in HTML5. You are able to create new interactive items or mix interactive content in conjunction with traditional item types. Red Panda X content is fully supported on the ExamStudio Platform.

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Glass3D is an innovative real-time, interactive 2D and 3D graphics system. Use with ExamStudio to deliver high resolution interactive items for the most demanding of simulations or item types.

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